Discovering the Backstory of the Antagonist

Every day that I write I learn more about fully developing my characters. Today I worked on Ryan Eddington. (I’d much rather write about the protagonist/hero, Skye Winter, but eventually I will learn to find redeeming points about Ryan’s character. He has to have depth because he drives the story. As a major character he brings about surprises, conflict, reversals of the plot, right?

So I began to imagine his back story. His mother was odd, obsessive and withdrawn. His father was abusive in many ways. He did things as a child that suggest he had no conscience or very little. He watched ants in an ant farm- held up the two pieces of pressed glass and laughed because they could not get out . He scooped out fish from his father’s aquarium and laid them on a table top to watch them suffocate.

In junior high he was taunted for being different and picked on and beaten up by  group of boys.

In high school he loved cutting open frogs in biology. He worked out and became strong and well-built. He was handsome and girls in his class all vied for him- the younger girls in school did, too. He found them pretty and soft, but had no respect for them . He was smart, artistic, athletic, but a loner much of the time. He was on the wrestling team.

He becomes the CEO of a large production company and  a self-made multi-millionaire.

I have a lot more detail- but Ugh- I don’t much like this guy.


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