The Readers Image of the Main Character

I plan to spend today typing chapters. I have written a different first chapter. The first one I wrote  is better a little further in as it describes my lead character (Skye Winter) as she starts a new semester at the college where she teaches in California. This chapter also gives a glimpse of her attraction to the Technical Director for the theatre at the college and some insight into the nature of life at this time.

A fellow writer in the writers club (of which I am currently President) lectured on how she uses movie stars to picture her characters. I think she cuts out photos of them and that helps her describe them more thoroughly and gives her other cues. I thought that was a great idea when I first heard it. Now, however, I look at the various choices the movie industry had for Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey and the man they chose, while absolutely gorgeous and I can see why they chose him, was not the image that I had in mind myself. Then I learned there was a whole site on line where people were posting pictures of men they thought looked like their Christian. They were all pretty different.

So it occurs to me that everyone wants to have their own image of the characters. I need to leave some room for their imaginations.  Below  is the image of my Christian and the producers’ idea of Christian.


Image  Image


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