In developing the antagonist for this story, I’ve had to think not just of a back story, but also of what drives this man and what his make-up is psychologically. He is a handsome, older man who is charming, rich and intelligent, but who also displays sociopathic traits.

Ryan is the CEO of a major production company and he attained that position, not because of working his way up the ladder to its highest post, or because he learned the ins and out of the business in minute detail, but because he inherited a great deal of money and took his positIon on the board by buying the company.

Demonstrating a disregard for the rights of others  in a repetitive, persistent pattern, continued from a childhood saga of cruelty and bizarre fantasies, Ryan is successful in hiding his behavior while pursuing increased power at the costs of others. His brilliant thinking and good looks bring women to him who he holds in contempt, much as he did his own mother. Women are to be used for carnal pleasure or as a means to attain a desired end.

He is self-assured, sometimes cocky, impatient, but when needed, he exudes a superficial charm , layered cleverly with such finesse, that he rarely reveals the deceit and manipulation he uses to obtain pleasure and profit.

He is after Skye, but to obtain the secrets he thinks she holds.  His character will be wonderfully rich as he brings conflict to the protagonist, Skye.

He is interesting to envision.


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