Letting My Mind Work in the Morning

IcelandI re-wrote some of yesterday’s scene. It was a passionate, sexual, love scene where the reader learns of Jake’s stronger feelings for the heroine as he prepares to be gone for two weeks. Sometimes I write something and as I visualize it, I fine tune it in my mind. Then not wanting to lose those details, corrections or additions, I go ahead and fix them instead of waiting for the re-write.

I know that I will edit many times over and sometimes even delete sections or whole ideas. It’s hard to do now and then because as a writer I feel there is a part of me in everything I write. I don’t mean it’s about me or even what I personally am feeling. It’s more like a piece of me or a possession of mine is being left on the cutting room floor. I kind of hate to let it go.

I’m sure most writers feel that way. Even when it’s crappy and I replace a line with something else, I wonder if it really makes it better. Of course most of the time it really does make it better.

I love that my subsonscious mind is working while I sleep. Often scenes come to me early in the still-dark morning. I’m still in the pre-dawn, twiight stage of sleep when things happen a lot. The imagery flashes in my mind. Maybe it’s only a line, a look from a character and suddenly I find myself adding a detail. I might change it over and over, honing it, fine tuning it. On occasion…dumping it. In my mind I’m thinking…that sucks…that’s stupid. He wouldn’t do that. She wouldn’t say that. Is there anything salvageable in this scene? If not, I let it go.

Every so often I dream a scene. Usually it is way out of context with what the story is about. I write it down as soon as I wake up. Often it stretches the story- becomes another angle- another possibility. I love that!

Sometimes I try to focus in a scene that is hard for me to write. Maybe I need more research before I can write it. I will delay that scene and write others- all out of chronological order. Then I will tackle the harder scene later – when I’ve researched or just can’t stand having the gap in the story missing that part. In the early morning the need to write those chapters pops up. I don’t tackle it at that time. I enjoy the pleasure of sleeping or just dreaming half awake instead. I tackle it seriously later.

I have disciplined myself to stay off the computer when I get up. I take care of my dogs and the birds- feeding them, drink some tea- eat some ceral – sometimes an egg, let the dogs hunker down for their first nap of the day and start to write, curled up on the couch, a warm throw over my pj’s and my hot tea nearby. I write for an hour or two before the day moves on. Works for me!