The Finishing Process

I finished the first draft of the complete manuscript in December. The holidays took a tool and I got sick for awhile , but plodded on editing. Having written a non-fiction book and finding the editing to not be all that dificult, I was unprepared for how different and more difficult (in my opinion) it is to edit fiction.

First I read the whole thing through. Not the fastest task because I had 619 typed pages. It wasn’t long before I realized there was no way I could try to publish a War & Peace book and my critique group consistently pressures me to reduce the words…so I am.

It’s not easy to cut your own material. But I want to let the reader imagine more and I am deleting many superflourous words too.

I hope to finish and re-type, using Al Watt’s, The 90 Day Rewrite as well, this month- then off to th editor it goes. After that, the pubisher wll have it another six weeks. Hoping it’s in print by April.