About an adventure…

It’s taken me awhile to call myself a writer. I’ve identified myself by other titles for most of my life, but now I consider myself to seriously be a writer. It’s interesting going through life thinking of yourself as the jobs you’ve had, the careers you’ve chosen or the various roles you play in life. At any given time- any one of them actually does fit. Writer, I am. I love it too.

After my first non-fiction, self-help resource book was published, I realized that after all the researching an organizing that the most fun I had writing it was the inserted stories running through the chapters to illustrate the points I was making. That led me natually to think about writing fiction. I hear it’s a bear. Much harder than non-fiction. I don’t care. I plunged in. So this is your invitation to follow my adventures in writing a novel that is in the real-fantasy-paranormal-parallel dimension-mystery-adventure genre. Take a chance!


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